shortening vegetable oil press machine in baking – q a recipe help

substituting oil for shortening in a cake recipe | better

Substituting Oil for Shortening in a Cake Recipe | Better

Substituting Oil for Shortening in a Cake Recipe. You can substitute vegetable oil, cup for cup, for shortening. Using oil versus shortening will change the texture of baked goods. The shortening, being a solid fat, will add more air to the batter when beaten in, giving the end product more of a cakey structure rather than the more dense structure oil will give.

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what is shortening? |

What is Shortening? |

What is shortening in baking? Shortening is a fat that's solid at room temperature - like Crisco or other hydrogenated vegetable oils..<br /> <br /> Shortening can sometimes also mean butter or lard, since both of these ingredients serve the same purpose in a baking recipe.

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shortening vs. butter in baking | king arthur flour

Shortening vs. butter in baking | King Arthur Flour

Vegetable shortening can be a mysterious ingredient. I'd never plunged my spatula into the cloud-like stuff until a few months ago when I was baking in the test kitchen. Growing up, I always reached for a trusty kitchen staple instead: butter. But recently as I whipped up batches of cookies and a plethora of pies, I began to wonder about the difference between using shortening vs. butter in ...

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what is vegetable shortening?

What is Vegetable Shortening?

Vegetable oil is a vegan shortening solution and it is perfectly suited to baking recipes. All you need to do is balance out the other ingredients that you use to make sure the consistency of the ...

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what is vegetable shortening? | allrecipes

What is Vegetable Shortening? | Allrecipes

Lard was the original shortening. Along with vegetable shortening, it has the highest shortening power for producing flaky pie crusts and biscuits. Butter can also be used as a substitute for vegetable shortening, but it contains water and thus will produce denser dough, since the water will activate the gluten. However, some cooks prefer to use butter, for its distinctive flavor.

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what are some substitutes for shortening in baking recipes

What Are Some Substitutes for Shortening in Baking Recipes

Full Answer. Cooking oil is used when a recipe calls for shortening to be melted. Cooks use the same measurement of oil as they would shortening. When substituting with lard, bakers must be sure to use 2 tablespoons more than a cup for every cup needed. Lard tends to alter the taste of a recipe, so it is a good idea to test it.

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10 best baking with shortening recipes - yummly

10 Best Baking with Shortening Recipes - Yummly

The Best Baking With Shortening Recipes on Yummly | Apple Cider Doughnuts, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Stay Soft Sugar Cookies ... shortening, baking soda, oil, salt, butterscotch morsels, ... Crisco All-Vegetable Shortening, baking powder, pure vanilla extract and 10 more .

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baking - can sunflower or coconut oil be substituted

baking - Can sunflower or coconut oil be substituted

Put all ingredients except the water into a mixer. Add 3/4 c. water, and slowly add more to make the consistancy of your choice. Mix on low speed 'til mixed, then on #6 or 8 for 6 to 7 minutes. Consistency should be "creamy" -- like cream cheese when soft. Stiff icing should be creamy also.

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can i use butter or vegetable oil in place of shortening

Can I use butter or vegetable oil in place of shortening

yes, you can use butter or vegetable oil in place of shortening. If the shortening is not being melted in your cake recipe, I would substitute with the same amount of butter. The taste of the final product will be pretty similar, maybe a little butterier. If the shortening is being melted, then you can use equal amounts of vegetable oil.

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how do you convert shortening to oil? |

How Do You Convert Shortening to Oil? |

Although both shortening and oil are fats, shortening is a type of oil that is solidifies at room temperature. Shortening is added to baked goods to inhibit the formation of gluten. Shortening gives baked goods a lighter, spongier texture than what oil could provide. When frying food, however, shortening and oil are completely interchangeable.

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how to make vegetable shortening

how to make vegetable shortening

this is how close can i get. basically vegetable shortening is hydrogenated vegetable fat. it is basically an emulsion of vegetable oils.

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shortening | bigoven

Shortening | BigOven

Shortening. In general, the term shortening can apply to any oil- or fat -based ingredient - liquid or solid - used in baking. More specifically, recipes use the term to mean solid vegetable shortening rather than those made from animal fats (including lard, which is from pork). Vegetable-based shortening is lower in saturated fats...

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baking - what should i substitute for shortening: lard or

baking - What should I substitute for shortening: lard or

What should I substitute for shortening: lard or butter? Ask Question ... Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. ... What can I substitute for vegetable oil in a recipe? 3.

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bye bye butter, we're baking with olive oil now | allrecipes

Bye Bye Butter, We're Baking with Olive Oil Now | Allrecipes

Using olive oil in desserts is nothing new; traditional recipes for cakes and cookies using olive oil have been around for generations. However, if you want to swap in olive oil for some or all of the fats, like butter, lard, shortening, margarine, or other oils in your baking, there are a few rules of thumb to follow to guarantee success.

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recipes with the ingredient vegetable shortening - snapguide

Recipes with the ingredient Vegetable Shortening - Snapguide

Mix cinnamon with sugar. Ready made tortillas, saves many steps in making from scratch. Fry tortilla in oil or Crisco baking sticks, or shortening until crispy.

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recipes | crisco - crisco | crisco is cooking

Recipes | Crisco - Crisco | Crisco is Cooking

Find hundreds of delicious recipes no matter what you're in the mood for. Choose from breakfast, lunch, vegetarian, pies, cakes, and more.

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is vegetable oil the same as vegetable shortening??????? im

is vegetable oil the same as vegetable shortening??????? im

Using a melted shortening is also another option for substituting vegetable oil. This also helps in retaining the taste of a particular recipe. Mayonnaise Mayonnaise is a great ingredient which can...

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is melted crisco shortening the same as crisco vegetable oil

Is melted crisco shortening the same as crisco vegetable oil

The behaviour of such saturated fats is that they help inhibit the formation of gluten, a protein formed from wheat flour. This makes them good for baking such things as croissants or shortbreads, but bad for such things as bread or pizza dough. But, if you need oil in your recipe, use a real vegetable oil that is liquid at room temperature.

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how to substitute butter for shortening when baking | better

How to Substitute Butter for Shortening When Baking | Better

Substitute Butter or Margarine for Shortening. Shortening is 100 percent fat, but butter and margarine are composed of about 85 percent fat and 15 percent water. Though this additional liquid may change the consistency of the sweets you bake, butter and margarine's rich, pleasing flavors and texture usually outweigh the disadvantages.

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Grease cake pans with Crisco ® No-Stick Cooking Spray and a light dusting of flour for extra-easy removal. True Colors The snow-white color of frosting made with shortening is the perfect blank canvas for any decoration or food coloring.

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which is better—butter, oil, or shortening? - the prepared

Which is better—butter, oil, or shortening? - The Prepared

You can't easily substitute butter for oil or shortening in most cookie recipes. Most cookie recipes require creaming the sugar and butter or shortening together so using oil is not an option. We've substituted butter for shortening in recipes. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it works in a 50-50 split.

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what is shortening in bread - answers

What is shortening in bread - Answers

Depending on the recipe, you could possibly use lard, butter, bacon grease, or vegetable oil instead of shortening. Asked in Shortening What is the effect of all purpose shortening in cookies ?

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what is a good substitute for vegetable shortening? | leaftv

What Is a Good Substitute for Vegetable Shortening? | LEAFtv

What Is a Good Substitute for Vegetable Shortening? By LeafTV Contributor. Vegetable shortening is used in baking as a fixative and moistening agent. It helps to hold batters together, grease baking pans and prevent sticking. ... Oil. Shortening is a vegetarian oil-based product. It is typically ...

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use oil, not butter...for softer bread, longer? | the fresh loaf

Use Oil, Not Butter...For Softer Bread, Longer? | The Fresh Loaf

I don't know about the softness aspect, but I seldom, if ever, use butter in my breads now; it's always oil. The last time I made Sally Lunn, I did notice that the bread was not as rich or soft with oil rather than the butter called for, though.

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substituting palm oil for shortening | the fresh loaf

substituting palm oil for shortening | The Fresh Loaf

substituting palm oil for shortening. August 22, 2012 - 8:04pm ... not by name, but that is what I have used, it says vegetable shortening) . ... probably a good thing but not a lot of help to you trying to find a substitute or a good alternative to use in your recipe. Shortening is solidified ...

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can vegetable oil be used as an alternative to shortening

Can vegetable oil be used as an alternative to shortening

In most recipes you will be able to swap out vegetable oil for vegetable shortening. Shortening is an almost solid fat made from vegetable oil. So the taste of the recipe if you use vegetable oil will likely be very similar. However, you will need...

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what kind of shortening do i use in fondant? | leaftv

What Kind of Shortening Do I Use in Fondant? | LEAFtv

Modern lard has many of the cooking attributes of hydrogenated vegetable oil: it is colorless, fairly odorless and has a melting point that is higher than that of butter or margarine but lower than that of hydrogenated vegetable oil. Lard is the preferred fat for use in baking pies and pastries. Lard tends to be translucent rather than opaque.

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quick breads: oil vs. butter - home cooking - chowhound

Quick breads: oil vs. butter - Home Cooking - Chowhound

I think I can help you with some of your questions. I have successfully used part butter and part cold canola oil in a banana bread recipe which specified shortening. However, if you substitute oil for all of the solid shortening, you will mess up the liquid ratio.

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10 best vegetable oil cookies recipes

10 Best Vegetable Oil Cookies Recipes

The Best Vegetable Oil Cookies Recipes on Yummly | Oil Cookies, Easy Brownie Cookies, Chocolate Crinkle Christmas Cookie. ... butter, vegetable oil, baking soda, salt, eggs, powdered sugar and 4 more . Easy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Jen Around the World.

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crisco butter flavor all vegetable shortening, 48 oz.

Crisco Butter Flavor All Vegetable Shortening, 48 oz.

Baking Sticks Butter Flavor All-Vegetable Shortening Crisco Butter Flavor All-Vegetable Baking Sticks are an easy and convenient way to add a rich, buttery flavor to your favorite recipes in a measurable stick.

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