sequential microwave-assisted extraction of oil- semantic scholar

sequential microwave-assisted extraction ... - semantic scholar

Sequential Microwave-Assisted Extraction ... - Semantic Scholar

extraction. Sequential microwave assisted extraction Sequential microwave assisted extraction was carried out as described by Mahesar et al. [3]. A domestic microwave oven (Pell-PM 023, Japan) with power settings range from 100-900W was used for oil extraction. 5 g of ground feed was taken in a 30 ml vial containing 12 ml hexane and

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microwave-assisted extraction of artemisinin from artemisia

Microwave-assisted extraction of artemisinin from Artemisia

A new method of microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) is used to extract artemisinin from Artemisia annua L. Several solvents were used in MAE such as ethanol, trichloromethane, cyclohexane, n-hexane, petroleum ether (30‐60 °C), petroleum ether (60‐90 °C), No. 120 solvent oil and No. 6 extraction solvent oil.

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coupling microwave-assisted drying and ... - semantic scholar

Coupling Microwave-Assisted Drying and ... - Semantic Scholar

extraction, and could lower the yield of oil, thus in this regard a microwave-assisted low-temperature air-drying method can be applied to dry the sample prior to extraction. This study investigated the application of supercritical carbon dioxide to the extraction of virgin coconut oil. To

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comparative studies between conventional and microwave

Comparative Studies between Conventional and Microwave

Abstract: The present work deals with comparison of microwave assisted extraction to that of conventional solvent extraction for the extraction of rice bran oil (RBO); focusing on extraction yield and oil composition. Microwave assisted extraction act as a green process over other method and proved that it is effective method for extraction of oil.

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1 1 microwave -assisted extraction and hydrolysis: an

1 1 Microwave -assisted extraction and hydrolysis: An

101 An outlin e of the sequential microwave assisted extractions and hydrolyses is shown in Fig. 1. 102 The treatments were performed with a single -mode CEM Discover ® microwave reactor at a 103 frequency of 2450 MHz (0 -300 W) in closed reaction vessels.

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microwave-assisted extraction as an alternative to soxhlet

Microwave-assisted extraction as an alternative to Soxhlet

Microwave-assisted extraction (MAE), Soxhlet, sonication, and supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) were compared in their ability to extract 95 compounds listed in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method 8250. Freshly spiked soil samples and 2 standard reference materials were extracted with hexane-acetone (1 + 1) by MAE and Soxhlet extraction, with methylene chloride-acetone (1 + 1) by ...

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[pdf] to extract essential oils from lemongrass leaves

[Pdf] to Extract Essential Oils From Lemongrass Leaves

Semantic Scholar extracted view of "TO EXTRACT ESSENTIAL OILS FROM LEMONGRASS LEAVES : SOLVENT EXTRACTION APPROACH" by Mr. Nilesh A. Suryawanshi et al.

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methodology to extract essential oils from ... - semantic scholar


yield of oil. Extraction % Yield Solvent extraction 1.30% Steam distillation 0.70% Table I: Result of Essential Oil Extraction The oil produced was pale yellow, with an odour, pungent and cooling taste. Because of its high volatility, it was stored in a well fillld air-tight container protected from light in cool place.

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oil extraction from microalgae - semantic scholar

Oil Extraction from Microalgae - Semantic Scholar

Algae Oil Extraction Capstone 2009/2010 . than the demands globally. As of 2009 around 84.9 million barrels of oil were consumed daily, with a supply of 84.6 million. For 2010staggering predictions , were made that the oil demand will exceed availability by nearly 1 million barrels of oil per day. This difference has a great affect on

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medicinal herb extraction strategy - semantic scholar

Medicinal Herb Extraction Strategy - Semantic Scholar

Four extraction methods were used in this study, including soxhlet, sonication assisted extraction, and ASE. The extracts were then dried by rotary evaporation. Extraction solvents were arranged in sequential or parallel scheme. The dry mass was measured and the extraction yield was calculated.

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[pdf] extraction of dihydroquercetin from larix gmelinii

[PDF] Extraction of Dihydroquercetin from Larix gmelinii

An ultrasound and microwave assisted alternant extraction method (UMAE) was applied for extracting dihydroquercetin (DHQ) from Larix gmelinii wood. This investigation was conducted using 60% ethanol as solvent, 1:12 solid to liquid ratio, and 3 h soaking time.

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instant controlled pressure drop technology and ultrasound

Instant controlled pressure drop technology and ultrasound

The instant controlled pressure drop (DIC) technology enabled both the extraction of essential oil and the expansion of the matrix itself which improved solvent extraction. The sequential use of DIC and Ultrasound Assisted Extraction (UAE) triggered complementary actions materialized by supplementary effects.

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[pdf] influence of microwave irradiation on extraction

[PDF] Influence of Microwave Irradiation on Extraction

Microwave-assisted degradation of chitosan for a possible use in inhibiting crop pathogenic fungi.

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recent extraction techniques for natural products: microwave

Recent extraction techniques for natural products: microwave

In the last 10 years there has been an increased interest in using techniques involving microwave-assisted extraction and pressurised solvent extraction in analytical laboratories. This review gives a brief overview of both methods, and reports on their application to the extraction of natural products.

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extraction and sequential elution of a heavy oil from direct

Extraction and sequential elution of a heavy oil from direct

Microwave-assisted extraction (MWAE) with CH 3 OH and sequential elution (SE) of a heavy oil (HO) from direct coal liquefaction of Heishan bituminous coal combined with subsequent analyses were conducted to understand the molecular composition of the HO and to explore the possibility of separating pure condensed arenes (CAs) from the HO.

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essential oil extraction by using microwave assisted process

Essential Oil Extraction By Using Microwave Assisted Process

The microwave-assisted process is a revolutionary method of extraction that reduces the extraction time to as a little as a few seconds, with up to a ten-fold decrease in the use of solvents.

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microwave-assisted extraction - sciencedirect

Microwave-Assisted Extraction - ScienceDirect

In this chapter, methods based on the microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) of elements or their species without the necessity of performing a complete sample digestion or matrix dissolution aiming at the simplification of sample preparation methods are presented.

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conventional, microwave, and ultrasound sequential

Conventional, microwave, and ultrasound sequential

Abstract. In this paper, the main objective was fractionation of Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, Ca, Fe, and K in certificate material and sediment samples gathered from and around the Petrochemical Industry using the conventional, microwave and ultrasonic sequential extraction.

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application of microwave heating for the fast extraction

Application of microwave heating for the fast extraction

Application of microwave heating for the fast extraction of fat content from the poultry feeds. ... (SE), sonication (SO), single microwave-assisted extraction (SiMAE) and sequential microwave assisted extraction (SeMAE). Soxhlet extraction ... Time effects on oil extraction and FFA content.

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microwave assisted extraction of bioactive compounds

Microwave Assisted Extraction of Bioactive Compounds

The microwave-assisted extraction is also considered as a novel method for extracting soluble products into a fluid from a wide range of materials using microwave energy. Natural bioactive compounds are produced as secondary metabolites; include a broad diversity of structures and functionalities.

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sequential microwave-ultrasound-assisted extraction

Sequential Microwave-Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction

In this study, sequential microwave-ultrasound-assisted extraction approach was used for isolation of piperine from black pepper. The effect of various factors such as extraction solvent, particle size of pepper, solvent to solid ratio, microwave power and time and ultrasound temperature and time on the extraction yield of piperine was considered.

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mechanistic influences of different solvents on microwave

Mechanistic influences of different solvents on microwave

Microwave-assisted extractions (MAEs) were carried out on Shenfu (SF) low-rank coal using four types of solvent, namely tetrahydrofuran, methanol, dichloromethane and ethyl acetate. Comparison with the traditional thermal extractions (TEs) indicated that MAEs were much more efficient in extracting organic components of SF coal.

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ultrasound and microwave assisted extraction of soybean oil

Ultrasound and Microwave Assisted Extraction of Soybean Oil

and temperature: the higher the pressure and temperature, the more oil that can be. extracted. If high pressure is applied at room temperature in the soybean oil extraction. process, it is difficult to obtain more than 10% oil from the oil seeds (Li, 1999).

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microwave-assisted extraction of pectin from unutilized

Microwave-assisted extraction of pectin from unutilized

Microwave-assisted extraction was employed to extract polysaccharides from pumpkin biomass and compared to the usual extraction by conventional heating. The effect of microwave heating time, liquid/solid (L/S) ratio and extraction temperature on the yield and molecular mass of extracted pectin from the seeded oil pumpkin biomass was investigated.

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an overview of microwave assisted extraction and its

An Overview of Microwave Assisted Extraction and its

The application of microwave assisted extraction process for isolation and extraction of phytoconstituents from plant material has gained an increasing importance. The techniques used for extraction since decades have the limitations of requiring longer extraction times, large solvent volumes and cause degradation of thermo labile components.

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essential oil extraction by using microwave assisted process.

Essential Oil Extraction by Using Microwave Assisted Process.

The main objective of the present study was to model the kinetics of essential oil extraction from swelled ground juniper berries by classic hydrodistillation (HD) and microwave-assisted ...

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optimization of microwave-assisted extraction of silymarin

Optimization of Microwave-assisted Extraction of Silymarin

Silymarin has been isolated from Silybum marianum straws by microwave-assisted extraction and response surface methodology. The results obtained are helpful for the full utilization of S. marianum straws. The microwave-assisted extraction is a very useful method for the extraction of important phytochemicals from plant materials.

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essential oils: extraction, bioactivities, and their uses

Essential Oils: Extraction, Bioactivities, and Their Uses

State and form of material is another factor used for consideration. Extraction method is one of prime factors that determine the quality of essential oil. Inappropriate extraction procedure can lead to the damage or alter action of chemical signature of essential oil. This results in the loss in bioactivity and natural characteristics.

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speciation of heavy metals in untreated sewage sludge by

Speciation of heavy metals in untreated sewage sludge by

Speciation of heavy metals in untreated sewage sludge by using microwave assisted sequential extraction procedure Author links open overlay panel Muhammad K. Jamali a 1 Tasneem G. Kazi a Muhammad B. Arain a 1 Hassan I. Afridi a 1 Nusrat Jalbani b 1 Ghulam A. Kandhro a Abdul Q. Shah a 1 Jameel A. Baig a

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